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Financial aid in the form of "Camperships" is available to qualifying residents of San Diego County wishing to attend San Diego County not for profit accredited Camps. In order to provide a camping experience for the greatest number of individuals, children aged 6 to 17 can only receive one campership in a twelve month period.

Applicants must also meet the eligibility guidelines for the free/reduced price lunch program, as published yearly by the United States Department of Agriculture through the California State Department of Education, to be eligible to apply for a "campership".

The Council works with various youth service organizations operating twenty-six American Camp Association accredited camps plus the San Diego County Office of Education Sixth Grade Camp. A list of these camps can be found on this site.

Camps and Agencies


Free Lunch Reduce Lunch
# in Family Unit Yearly
2 $16,020 $20,826 $29,637
3 $20,160 $26,208 $37,296
4 $24,300 $31,590 $44,955

For additional
person, add

$4,160 $5,408 $7,696

Call us if you need help determining which camp is right for your child or use the American Camp Association web resource (Find A Camp ACASoCal.org) listed on our related links page. Once you have determined which camp is right for your child, you will contact the appropriate agency for an application and financial aid form. A deposit may be requested in order to apply for camp. Policies regarding camp deposits vary, so be sure to ask questions and feel free to call us for assistance.

Camp staff will evaluate each family's ability to make a contribution towards camp costs and will determine how much financial aid they can award from their own agency. Qualified campers can then be awarded CCC camperships as matching funds to fill any remaining gap.


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How You Can Help

For a relatively small sum, you can provide a camping experience for a deserving San Diego child. We are a Legacy Agency of the United Way and gifts can be designated to us using our Agency number 96224.

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