Moldavite is used to make beautiful jewellery

Moldavite, a mineral that is believed to be formed millions of year ago by the impact of a large meteorite in the Moldau River Valley of the Czech Republic – important link. A meteorite impact on Earth can produce a huge shockwave which is capable of melting or fusing nearby rock. The result is impact glass, which is actually a rock. Impact glass, also known as natural glass, is formed when extreme heat and high pressure are combined. Moldavite, which is for sale, was formed when a meteorite crashed in the Moldau river valley.

The exact age of the moldavite has not been determined, but is believed to range between 14 and15 million years. It is believed that the meteorite which formed moldavite had a force so great that it created a 20-mile wide crater. This impact also sent massive quantities of debris up into the sky, where they eventually fell as tektites. When a meteorite strikes the Earth’s surface and breaks into small glass shards, known as tektites, are produced. Tektites are typically black or dark brown and can often be seen around impact craters. Moldavite is an unusual green tektite.

Moldavite has unique properties that are often used in meditation or spiritual pursuits. This stone has a strong energy, which is said to help with spiritual growth. According to some, the stone helps with physical and mental rehabilitation.

Moldavite, a gemstone that is rare with magic properties and can cost a lot of money, has the potential to be very expensive. You should only purchase genuine moldavite. Because the market is flooded with counterfeit moldavite sellers, you should do thorough research to ensure that your purchase comes from reputable suppliers. The meteorite glass is what makes it so unique. Moldavite can be used to boost your spirituality, improve mental health or to add an interesting piece to your jewelry collection.

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