Two ways to reset a forgotten Windows Password

An extremely frustrating problem is a lost or forgotten Windows login password. You may need to retrieve important documents from your computer as quickly as possible. There are several ways to reset a lost password to Windows. Two of these I’ll share with you in this article. Windows Password Recovery tool is the best tool that helps you to recover Windows password easily and quickly, therefore you need to download the tool on windows 10 password reset usb

Method 1: This method is the classic, free one. This method is permanent and will erase all your data permanently. If you don’t have any data on your computer and cannot delete it, skip to the next method. To reset a lost password in Windows, you can simply reinstall your operating system. This is a very complex process and shouldn’t be attempted if the user doesn’t have basic computer skills. If this is the case, skip Method 2. To reinstall Windows, you’ll need the original Windows install disk. After inserting the disk into your computer, you will need to enter the bios. Once you’ve entered the bios, navigate to the boot settings and choose the DVD drive as the primary boot device. Once everything is set up, restart your computer. Windows will then guide you through each step. You will lose all data permanently.

Method 2 – A password recovery tool is a better and more efficient way to reset a Windows password. You will not lose any data unlike the first method, and it takes just a few moments as opposed to a few hours. It is easy to use and requires no technical knowledge. This method is perfect if the cost of reinstalling your entire operating system is prohibitive or you are concerned about losing any important data. A password recovery utility is a tiny utility that helps you recover your Windows password. The user interface of the software guides you through all steps once installed. Only a few mouse clicks are required to get the software installed. After 60 seconds, you’ll be ready for login again.