Three Rules of Success in Chess – Learn How To Master Chess Training Rules, And IMPROVEMENTS In Just 23 Days!

“What is the secret to chess’s success?”

Many players in chess, whether they are new or experienced, have difficulty understanding the above question. See online chess tutor to get more info.

They spend nights sleeping analyzing various Open Sicilian variations. They read strategy books with encyclopedia-like depth and engage in chess tactics training. They see videos from their favorite grandmasters, chess players and trainers to learn about the endgame.

However, despite their long hours of chess practice, they still don’t see the consistent results they are looking for.

These chess experts may win in a stunning and masterly manner in a game. They would be defeated and lose like a novice chess player.

These players are most likely you. Because if you win tournaments, play consistently well, and are a top player, you wouldn’t have made it this far.

Well, don’t worry. Below, I’ll outline 3 rules to dramatically improve your chess in 23 days.

Rules Of Chess Achievement 1

Play chess a lot.

While this advice may sound obvious, it is often ignored by many players. They spend approximately 2 to 3 hours studying the openings, middlegame strategies, chess techniques, etc. However, they are unable to find the time or energy to play competitive game of chess each week.

Chess has a contact aspect. You’ll learn more details and subtleties if you put your mind to it.

It won’t help you to play chess much.

Rules Of Chess Success 2,

Learn instructive mastery games.

Here’s another piece of golden advice for class-level players. Many of them would rather pick up books such “Winning With The Dilworth Attack”, “Winning With The King’s Gambit”, and similar.

It is important to study the work of successful people to find out how to succeed in a particular field. The same applies to improving your game of chess.

You can see how Mikhail Tal destroys opposition players with his chess combination. Robert Fischer defeated Soviet Chess Machines. It’s like getting private lessons in chess from these chess legends by studying master games.