The demand for car lots that offer Buy Here, Pay Here

Bankruptcies, foreclosures, and high unemployment are all a result of inflation and currency damage. In every case of financial disaster, there is a person with poor credit or a household who has almost no money. Many of these households rely on the unemployment benefit, weekly checks or public assistance for survival. Most of these households still have to drive.

BHPH caters website for those left behind due to a weakened economy. Customers with little or no cash can be sold cars by this type of seller, who will charge them high interest rates and offer inferior vehicles. This is in exchange for the car owner’s failure to pay their weekly payment. While these companies help the less fortunate get transportation, which is essential in modern society, the public often condemns them as preying on those who are disadvantaged.

Some analysts think the BHPH should be regarded more like a financial market and less as an auto industry. Many of these companies seem more interested in collecting and paying off high-interest debts. Vehicles are used as security, rather than, say, post-dated checks. Those who fail to pay their BHPH seller lose their vehicles. It is therefore the burden of those who are already in a bad financial situation.

During a typical car buying process, buyers can choose the vehicle they desire and then talk about financing options. BHPH salespeople will often ask about a prospective buyer’s financial history and discuss down payments, payment amounts and credit scores before showing them the vehicles they may be able purchase. BHPH purchasers are usually required to visit the dealership after they have chosen their vehicle to pay. Payments that are even one day late may be subject to repossession.

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