Why Hispanics Get More Plastic Surgery

Hispanics are increasingly turning to plastic surgeons site link. Hispanics were the first minority group to have the most surgeries, with around 12 percent of them in 2009. That’s an increase of 12 percent over the previous years. The most common surgical procedures are breast augmentations (up to a size 16), nose reshapings (to a smaller size) and liposuction. Why suddenly are so many Hispanics undergoing surgery? Five reasons are outlined below.

1. Plastic surgery is broadcast on TV. You can’t escape TV influence today, regardless of where you live. Hispanics, both in the United States and in Central and South America and Central America, watch reality shows on television that discuss pros and cons of cosmetic surgery, and show even graphic surgical procedures, such as breast reduction or tummy tightening. Plastic surgery becomes more mainstream with this increased exposure.

2. Hispanics earn more money. Plastic surgery is considered a luxury. The food always wins out when it comes to choosing between breast implants and food. Hispanics now have more money than ever and many of them are able to spend it. This extra income allows them to purchase bigger homes, nicer vehicles and plastic surgery.

3. The results of plastic surgery are more impressive. People of color have always had a difficult time getting good results with plastic surgery because their darker skin reacts in a different way to the surgeries. As more Latinos or African-Americans undergo ethnic rhinoplasty for nose reshaping, surgeons learn how to deliver effective results to people of colour. The success of the surgery leads to an increase in patients, as people spread the word about their positive results.

4. No longer is it taboo. Plastic surgery was traditionally something that patients kept a secret. They would deny it if they were asked. Hollywood stars like Cameron Diaz are admitting to rhinoplasty. Ordinary people in our neighborhoods have new noses and breasts. The taboo surrounding cosmetic surgery has almost disappeared. Plastic surgery, on the other hand, has become commonplace.

5. Hispanics adapt to American culture. A recent Latina magazine poll asked readers about their thoughts on plastic surgeries. More than 70% said they are in favor, saying, “If it’s something I would like fixed, then I’ll do it!” This is due in part to Hispanics being assimilated into the U.S. culture where beauty is measured by how thin someone looks and how little wrinkles one has. This likely explains the fact that Hispanics’ most popular minimally-invasive procedures are facial rejuvenation techniques like microdermabrasion or injectable wrinkle reducers like Botox, Dysport and Dysport.

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